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Legal Matters

I spent all morning with lawyers, preparing documents to register our new org. After more than a week of running around, it finally looks like things are in order, though I am sure that there will be snags. Due to recent legislative changes, we had to start something different. It might be better though; the new charter is quite flexible, and allows for a wider range of possible projects than what we were under before.

This has been great language practice. I have a hard enough time with legal terms in English; you practically have to know Latin (e.g. prima facie). So tackling the terms in Russian has been stretching, but fun.

Please be thinking of us next week. That’s when the lawyers will file the documents.


Patience patience…

The big lesson for me today is patience, and keeping before me the One whose timing is perfect. Patience is a learned attitude; no one is really a natural at it. Paul wrote Timothy on the subject, and that challenged me today (1Tim4:2). I am thankful that He is in control!

The weather hindered Friday’s coffee club a bit. It was almost -25 and the bus stopped running, so some folks did not come. Some did though, and we had a good time. Mark posted about it, so you can click here to get the latest. Thank you, Alissa, for the game ideas; they did help get the idea-juice flowing.

Today turned out a bit slower for me. I ran errands in the morning, and worked from home after lunch so that Maya could go to an Altai language class. The married group tomorrow is a big question mark. We heard that a few might not make it, so we are not sure what will happen.

During our family devotions, David said that God was like Pelmeni (Russian meat-dumplings). We were trying to explain how wonderful God is, and to a three-year-old mind, the most wonderful thing is Pelmeni, so God must be like that. Cute, eh?