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Blogger’s Fuel

I saw this first on a post at Coffee Swirls and decided to pass it on. All who blog and who are followers of the bean (i.e., coffee lovers) should click here. The first 500 people who register will get to review some free coffee, they only have to agree to post about it. Check it out!



NGOs, Jeremiah and Starbucks Christmas Blend

Maya just left for the women’s home group, and I am supposed to be hanging out with the kids. David and Hannah are playing (together, unbelievably) so I seized the moment to blog a few lines and post a picture. Pirate’s Night begins when this post concludes.

I found out yesterday that the executive branch signed into law the bill restricting NGO’s here. There is a lot of uncertainty with how this will affect us, though we know that it will, and likely in a very negative way. On the heels of learning this little tidbit of potentially depressing news, I read this assuring passage in the World’s all-time best-selling Book.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit. ( Jeremiah 17:7-8 ESV)

The trip to the post office today also encouraged us, but in a different way. Our friends in Florida sent us a large bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee (and other thoughtful gifts). If you have tasted this coffee, then you know what a caffeinated encouragement it is!


Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of Hannah that I took a week ago, but thought that I lost.

The Art of Relationships

During the last few days, I have been pondering a lot about the art of relationship building. At this stage, deep relationships are of primary importance. In all honesty, this is a difficult and stretching thing to do, even more so because we know so few people here (yesterday marked our second month here). Gradually, we are making progress, but we have much to do. Please pr with us that we would continue to be faithful to depart freely from our comfort zones, leaving behind our inhibitions, and that we would continue striving to build deep relationships.

Next week, all of the prep work begins for our many community development projects. At this point we plan a doctor’s exchange, a baseball camp, a family counseling seminar and maybe even a camp for deaf children. We have a ton of work to do to bring these projects online, and now that our registration is almost complete, we can begin. Thanks for your thoughts for us in this important area.

Tonight, Maya will help lead the Women’s Club. I am not sure what they have planned, but it should be good. Meanwhile, David, Hannah and I will enjoy Pirate’s Night! David asks me about it every day. Yesterday, right after breakfast he said, “Papa, can we have Pirate’s Morning now instead?”

The Augustine post is still brewing. I am working through his “Confessions”. It blows me away. I end this post with a quote of his, from Book 10:

Who am I, and what am I? What evil have not been either my deeds, or if not my deeds, my words, or if not my words, my will? But Thou, O Lord, are good and merciful, and Thy right hand had respect unto the depth of my death, and from the bottom of my heart emptied that abyss of corruption.

My Helper and my Redeemer: How sweet did it at once become to me!

Coffee Weather

The thermometer just outside the kitchen window reads -2C; just warm enough to keep the mud puddles soft. It is 3pm, but an eerie dusk-like light keeps us checking our watches. Large, wet snowflakes fall one moment, rain the next. Blotches of melting snow and pooling slush surround our apartment building, keeping everything inside wet and messy.

All of that means one thing for me: coffee. This is the best weather on earth, so long as one can be inside enjoying a hot cup of well-brewed coffee. It is coffee weather. I love it. It happens here more than any other place where I have lived (usually five days a week). Winter keeps hinting and warning; toying with us, I think. One day, it will arive. We need patience. Now, I'm blogging with Starbucks (actually, some tasty Finnish brand that they sell locally).

The meeting this morning went excellent. Thank you for pr for us in that. We are very thankful for their attitude towards our plans for work here. From start to finish, the atmosphere was pleasant and we were able to clearly share, and they met our ideas with enthusiasm. Many doors, perhaps, opened this morning.

We had such a busy week, and then a busy weekend, that we were looking forward to our day off: Monday, family day. Unfortunately, the long meeting occupied me the whole morning. After David & Hannah wake from their naps, we plan to have some quality family time, albeit indoors. With the added culture meetings, we face another busy week, so we are thankful for the time together with no phones, emails, guests, lessons, etc.

Okay, that is all. I have a post brewing about Augustine of Hippo, so if you like that sort of thing, check back later.