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Yet another move…

You can read this rather drab post, or just click here.

Contrary to appearances, I am not trying to shake off my modest but loyal readership with vagabond-blogger tendencies. Every since I left Blogger for WordPress I have had crazy things happening; such as disappearing posts and duplicating posts. Twice the blog went away completely, only to return as a prodigal, missing the links and other goodies that I added before its departure. Who has time for a mischievous blog? So, I took a break from posting while I registered a domain and uploaded The Siberian Grinder (still powered by the snazzy WP software) to its new home.

This is the last time that I will ask you to tinker with your bookmarks :-).

I am thankful that traffic to the Grinder continues to increase, now averaging about 50 visitors a day. I hope that most will enjoy the new blog, and that is why I keep linking to it :-).

Without further ado, I invite you to click on over to the new site and… well, read it.


Disappearing Posts

Strangely, two posts and some links that I added on Saturday were hosed by WP for some reason. Granted, they were not really great posts, but to just ditch them like that… Some glitch, I guess. Anyway, no harm done. I reloaded the Gogol blurb, but the one about Hannah's slow-growing hair is gone forever. Maybe next month.

Now via Word Press

Since I have only once blogged about the blog itself, I am entitled one wee little rant, especially since, as of today, The Siberian Grinder has found a new home, right here on Word Press. I moved it here because the old place became a little bleak. Besides, WP has a sleeker feel to it, and more options (e.g., categories). I moved just after my 100th post because I am sentimental. 🙂

On Blogging

Everyone knows now that ‘blog’ is a recent coinage (1999) and comes from the more exact ‘web log’; dropping the ‘we’ and cutting it down to a quick single syllable, thus taking on a character of its own. ‘Blog’ sounds less techie than ‘web log’ and less Navy or Star Trek than ‘log’. (For a more detailed history of blogging, please check out Wikipedia’s article on the subject.)



There are thousands upon thousands of blogs on the web, with a host of newbies starting up each day. Reasons for starting a blog range from real and pseudo journalistic aspirations to keeping friends and family updated. If you are interested, you can find plenty of good blogs on theology, language, or most any other topic.


I began blogging because it is quick and easy. A post takes me between 5 and 20 minutes, thus making it possible to post four times a week. A static website takes a minimum of 30 minutes to update, and it is much more boring.


Finding topics to write about is the only real chore, and it is important to keep it interesting. Here, I write updates about our family and work; and the occasional random thought. I try to post pictures two or three times a week. When all else fails, one can even post about posting.



Now, lest this post be entirely worthless (a waste of 13 minutes so far), here is a great quote by A.C. Dixon, taken from an excellent book that I am reading: John Piper’s, “Brothers, We are Not Professionals.”

“When we depend upon organizations, we get what organizations can give. When we depend upon education, we get what education can give. When we depend upon man, we get what man can give. But when we depend upon prayer, we get what God can give.”