Legal Matters

I spent all morning with lawyers, preparing documents to register our new org. After more than a week of running around, it finally looks like things are in order, though I am sure that there will be snags. Due to recent legislative changes, we had to start something different. It might be better though; the new charter is quite flexible, and allows for a wider range of possible projects than what we were under before.

This has been great language practice. I have a hard enough time with legal terms in English; you practically have to know Latin (e.g. prima facie). So tackling the terms in Russian has been stretching, but fun.

Please be thinking of us next week. That’s when the lawyers will file the documents.


1 Response to “Legal Matters”

  1. 1 siberiangrinder April 11, 2006 at 7:14 am

    Steve from Negative99 ( commented on the old site and for some reason it did not import. He asked, “Are lawyers over there just like the ones over here?”

    The short answer is yes, only a little less expensive. For some strange reason, Russians do not joke about Lawyers like we do. So, when I asked our lawyer, “What is the difference between a lawyer and roadkill.” I got only a blank stare.

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