Another From-The-Train Post

We are sitting here in Novosibirsk waiting for the train to finally take off after a 7-hour layover – another 40 minutes to go.

A fellow traveler, Alsu, roamed the city and ate dinner with us at a Russian fast-food place. Back at the train, we watched The Chronicles of Narnia together until the battery on the laptop gave up. We only got to the part with the wolves chasing the beavers. Anyway, I hope that we can keep contact with Alsu after this trip.

The other half of our team arrived back yesterday, and they hosted the coffee club (college group) tonight. They openly invited everyone to the B. Study (which starts next Saturday) and the students seemed very interested in attending! I learned that from a text message they sent me about 2 hours ago.

Well, vacation is over. We get back tomorrow morning (at about 7am). We have a few days to get settled and contact folks before I try to leave the country (it did not work out for me to leave while we were in UU for many reasons). It would be great to make the trip down to Mongolia and back in one day, but it might take up to three. I am hurrying so as to return in time to teach on Saturday.


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