The Rehearsal

Last night, the wedding party gathered for the first rehearsal, and it went well. It is going to be a very nice wedding, specifically aimed at bringing God glory. Many of those who plan to attend are not Christians, and this will be new for them.


Since I am supposed to be the photographer, I went to get a feel for the light and the program and to scope out some nifty angles. I only shot about fifty pics. The lighting is hard to work with. The ceiling of the building does not bounce flash the way that I like, and I need to figure out a way to make it more natural. The second rehearsal is tonight. The wedding is Friday.


As far as vacations go, this time is busier than normal. Each day, we have lots of family events and people to see; but we are enjoying it very much. David and Hannah are having a ball with their grandparents.


3 Responses to “The Rehearsal”

  1. 1 Steve February 23, 2006 at 5:59 am

    It is going to be a very nice wedding, specifically aimed at brining God glory.

    At first I thought this was a typo, but then I remembered that we’re supposed to be the salt of the earth. 🙂

    Hmmm… the cross on the wall is VERY familiar.

  2. 2 The Grinder February 23, 2006 at 7:47 am

    Steve: Now, that would have been a clever… to brine. Thanks for spotting my typo. 🙂

    The church is very thankful for the encouragement that your team brought us, and the cross was a special gift. For the wedding, the decorators at first were planning to build an arc-like thing. They decided against it because it would have blocked the view of the cross. The bride and groom said that they wanted to point people to the cross with their wedding ceremony.

  3. 3 deann4ik February 23, 2006 at 2:12 pm

    oooooo how jealous i ammmmm 😦

    enjoy and gather the impression for me too 🙂
    hello from sakhalin by the way!!!

    please pass my love and best wishes to cheena and ksusha!!!
    i’ll do it myself, but it will never be too much 🙂

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