Coffee Club & The Meaning of Life

It is – 35C outside. I nearly froze on my way home from the college home group (a.k.a. the coffee club) that meets at Mark’s house. The meeting went great. We touched (just barely) on a more substantial topic: the meaning of life. We asked everyone to picture themselves at 60 (their average age is probably 21) and imagine how they have lived their lives up until that point. They answered a questionnaire from the 60-year-old perspective. Lastly, we made collages (pictured below) out of magazine clippings. The collages were supposed to characterize their lives (in general). Our hope was to make them think, at least a little, about what is important in life, and what is not.


Perhaps one day soon, the deep, important and eternal truth related to this topic will become clear to them. Those who read this blog know that this home group (as the other home groups) is not an end unto itself. We try to establish relationships there, and spark interest in preparation for the B. Study that starts in March. Please pr.


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