Mexican New Year’s and the B. Study

Tonight we hosted the largest turnout ever for the Coffee Club (i.e. college student group). Some came wearing sombreros (Mark made his own for the event), others with newly-drawn South-of-the-Border-type mustaches. I sported my souvenir machete from Panama (as close to Mexico as I have been) and a Mexican looking (debatable) shirt. The picture above is of Katya, but it was taken a few weeks ago (while she ate a banana and tried to read Pushkin). I forgot my camera tonight. Too bad, because Katya, and everyone else, looked much more Mexican :-).


We started planning this event last month. The purpose was to grow the group by doing something a little different, and Mexican New Year's is pretty different. We cooked burritos, played a ton of games, and even beat a piñata to pieces (Mark, Pasha and I made it yesterday). In terms of people, it was a success, as many people showed up. We only hope that those people will keep coming.


The B. Study starts in the beginning of March. We are inviting several from the Coffee Club to attend. We will also invite the ladies who attend the group on Thursdays and the married couples that meet here each Sunday night. For this study, we started to plan the lessons and the format. For everything, we need wisdom.


Please keep this B. Study and our team in your thoughts!


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