Settled Determinations

Some brilliant people that I know are adamantly against making New Year’s resolutions. While I can see their reasoning, I do not agree that resolutions are inherently bad. They are not vows or promises. A resolution is simply a decision to do something (or not to do something). The M-W Unabridged 3rd Edition defines resolution as: something determined upon, a settled determination (3 b). We do that all the time, but the start of the New Year provides a specific time frame and an impression of a fresh start.

Here is a sampling of my resolutions for the New Year. Only the year will show how determined I actually am in my settle determinations.

  1. Resolved: to grow in decision making by more carefully examining responsibilities and decisions in light of the glory of God.
  2. Resolved: to read the Old and New Testaments through in 2006 (this time in the ESV).
  3. Resolved: to more strictly pattern my sleeping time thus: 6 hours each night for six days a week, 8 hours on the seventh.
  4. Resolved: to read no less than 15 carefully selected medium-sized books and two larger works in 2006.
  5. Resolved: to be more resolute.

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