Off the beaten path

Yesterday, Mark, a local parliamentarian and I took a long road trip to the eastern region of the Republic to do an evaluation of the community development needs and possibilities. We sat in on a regional council meeting. While interesting, I hope that was the last time that I have to do that (attend one of those meetings). All together, we drove about 500km, some of it in very snowy conditions. Thankfully, all went well and we arrived home safely ten hours after our departure.

This morning, I had to run some errands. To give Maya a break, I took David along. He was a good sport about all the lines that I had to wait in, and each time we came across a slide he had to try it out. His favorite was a very high one (two-stories) that they built in the center for the New Year’s Celebration (New Year's is the biggest holiday of the year; they go all out). The photograph above was taken while David enjoyed a different slide, one that is right outside our apartment.


As I write this, four friends should be arriving from that other city in Siberia. They embarked on the three-day train trip to spend New Year’s with our team and us, and to help us in the work. I am sure that the six days that they are here will prove very encouraging.


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