A gift of cash?

Spouses often consider a gift of cash as something a little less than thoughtful. In our case, it was very practical. Maya is overdue for winter shoes and a coat and it is probably better to let her shop for those things. So as not to be totally classless, I wrote her this silly poem.

Merry Christmas my dear!
Great words you must love to hear,
That now that special time is here,
And all these silly gifts appear,

We set a limit and both agreed,
600 rubles – the max indeed,
You probably know where this will lead,
I failed I think, our limit to heed.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you why,
I broke our oath and went so high,
So hold your hums and stay your sigh,
I’ll explain, or, at least I’ll try.

The things is this, I’ll have you know,
That out the window there’s so much snow,
It makes me feel like such a schmo,
To watch you winter gear forgo,

Your shoes are fine for the spring,
Or even winter in Beijing,
But here frostbite is what they'll bring,
So in my mind came just the thing,

Take these rubles for this task,
And find some shoes, oh, find them fast,
While still cold weather here will last,
Then warmly will your cute toes bask.

That’s not all – it’s only half,
And this part might make you laugh,
The deal is this, oh, please don’t chaff,
Your winter coat is pure riffraff.

It’s time to toss it in the trash,
Or in your famous storage stash,
Here’s a sum of rubles cash,
Make sure your new coat doesn’t clash!

So now you know, oh don’t despise,
Why I your gift could not downsize,
I thought it all so very wise,
To help you finally winterize.


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