Бесструнная балалайка

Maya's back is still hurting. As you think of it, please pr for her.

You can see from Mark’s site that the coffee club went great tonight. The originals almost all showed and, as they were about to leave, four new people arrived. The atmosphere, games and fellowship were all perfect, and we are very thankful. Too bad, I did not get my camera out.


Tomorrow, besides my Altai lesson, I have to find Maya the perfect gift. I have to do that for David too, but buying for him does not leave me banging my head trying to be original (hmm…, a new fire truck, or one of those miniture motorized front-end loaders?). For Maya it is not so simple, but I will find something.



Folks from UU are on their way here to spend New Years with us and the team. We are looking forward to their visit. They will be here until next year sometime (until January 6, to be precise).




About the heading, ‘besstrunnaya balalaika’. In Russian it means, ‘string-less balalaika (a Russian ukulele-like instrument). It is supposed to be an idiom that means, ‘one who rambles’. The idea is like this: a person plays the balalaika and the strings all break. He has nothing really further to add, but he plays on without the strings for the sake of playing; he rambles on. I found it in a popular dictionary that has 501 Russian Idioms (but I will not name the dictionary here). I have yet to encounter a single Russian who has heard of this idiom. However, since this post is typical of my ramblings, the title fits.


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