Back pain

Maya hurt her back yesterday. Since any movement causes her discomfort, I postponed everything and stayed at home today to insist that she do nothing. Immobility is torture to her, so trying to make her rest all day is a titanic task.

It helped me to see how much she does from day to day. I can hardly keep up with the meals, diapers, dishes and all the other minor emergencies that I usually hardly notice (shameful). It is a joy to serve such a wonderful woman in this capacity, if even for a day.


Just for fun, I searched through my Libronix library for ‘back pain’ and its variants. I was hoping to find out if some great patriarch or prominent historical figure suffered from a painful back (some theological/historical tidbit that would encourage Maya). In hundreds of books, I found only eight articles, two of them by Warren Weirsbe in his N.T. Commentaries.


Here is a quote from one of Weirsbe’s articles, titled “You Don’t Have to Worry”:


What is worry? The Greek word translated “anxious” (careful) in Philippians 4:6 means “to be pulled in different directions.” Our hopes pull us in one direction; our fears pull us the opposite direction; and we are pulled apart! The Old English root from which we get our word “worry” means “to strangle.” If you have ever really worried, you know how it does strangle a person! In fact, worry has definite physical consequences: headaches, neck pains, ulcers, even back pains. Worry affects our thinking, our digestion, and even our coordination.

(Wiersbe, Warren W. The Bible Exposition Commentary. Wheaton, Ill.: Victor Books, 1996, c1989.)


Maya was not impressed. :-). She was also unimpressed with my discovery that Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, suffered from back pains. “What is your point?” was her response.

I need to put David down for his nap now.




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