Holding Ropes

Thank you for holding the ropes for the groups and for the work here. To help you intercede more specifically, an update is in order.


The college group is, more or less, steady. Mid-term exams started and students need to attend to their last minute cramming, so we have seen less people at the group lately. Our next big event is Mexican New Year’s on December 30. Just for fun, we are doing everything Mexican that night: costumes, Mexican music, a piñata, etc. We are hoping that the special event will draw new people. Please pr. that relationships go to the next level and that the group will continue to grow, and that many will be interested in attending the B. Study that starts March 1.


We are encouraged with the married-couple home group. We teach lessons about marriage from a biblical perspective and the response is generally good to these completely new (to them) principals. Please pr that the couples will also be interested in the B. Study.


The women’s group has room for both growth and change. After New Years, I think it will look quite different. Pr. for wisdom in all of our re-thinking.


Finally, please remember the relationships outside of the groups with neighbors, language helpers, etc.


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