She walks!!!

We knew it would happen sometime, and now it has. Hannah has started to walk. Her balance and courage need work; but, hey, she is only eight months.




While reading Augustine’s letter to his student, Licentius, I came across these words,

“…O friend, most unyielding, unreasonable, and unimpressible. What care I for your tongue of gold, while your heart is of iron?”


Augustine obviously responded to what he considered insincerity. Then, he beseeched his wayward student with,

“give yourself to my Lord, who is the Lord of us both.”


Old Augustine had a knack for brushing off flattery and striking to the heart. He exhorted Licentius to give up material pursuits and forsake lip service and, instead, sincerely follow the most important reality in heaven and on earth: the Lord. He wrote this in 395 A.D., but I think that the message expressed in this letter is extremely relevant for today's world. We need to ring that same bell today and pray that people will hear and follow its toll; that people will give themselves to the Lord.


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