Axiom: Siberia is cold

That the cold surprised us, we now find humorous. The thermometer has not risen above -20 for three days. Right now, it is -30 (for proof, check out Mark's picture). For some reason, we thought that this city enjoys a milder climate than where we lived before. That is funny because, hey, it is still Siberia! Our apartment is cold, though we are not complaining. We have a space heater and plenty of blankets. We realize now that we are in for a long, cold winter.


Here is another interesting tid-bit about life here: yesterday, as I walked to a store after lunch I enjoyed a nice sunset, at 3:35pm!


Maya is pictured here with Alya, a widow that Maya is befriending. She only last year lost her husband, leaving her the task of raising a child by herself. Please pr for Alya, and for the relationship that Maya enjoys with her.


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