Patience patience…

The big lesson for me today is patience, and keeping before me the One whose timing is perfect. Patience is a learned attitude; no one is really a natural at it. Paul wrote Timothy on the subject, and that challenged me today (1Tim4:2). I am thankful that He is in control!

The weather hindered Friday’s coffee club a bit. It was almost -25 and the bus stopped running, so some folks did not come. Some did though, and we had a good time. Mark posted about it, so you can click here to get the latest. Thank you, Alissa, for the game ideas; they did help get the idea-juice flowing.

Today turned out a bit slower for me. I ran errands in the morning, and worked from home after lunch so that Maya could go to an Altai language class. The married group tomorrow is a big question mark. We heard that a few might not make it, so we are not sure what will happen.

During our family devotions, David said that God was like Pelmeni (Russian meat-dumplings). We were trying to explain how wonderful God is, and to a three-year-old mind, the most wonderful thing is Pelmeni, so God must be like that. Cute, eh?


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