Come to the Table and Eat

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I read about historical famines and their causes and effects. Hunger is perhaps the worst calamity. My heart ached especially when I read about the great Soviet famine of 1932. This was a manufactured famine. How can anyone read dry-eyed about those desperate millions who needlessly perished for want of nourishment (7-10 million)? If only they had a morsel or so a day.

This evening, a friend and I chatted about the importance of healthy and regular personal time in the Word. Later, after the conversation was over, I mulled these thoughts around in my head and it clicked; we often needlessly live in spiritual famine when a feast awaits us, if only we will come to the table and eat. If only we will come. How desperate we are if we do not eat.

"I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger…" (John 6:35 ESV)


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