Silly Ol’ Bear

Here is the photo from Monday’s outings that I promised. I must have had my camera settings wrong; it turned out blurry. Yes, David is chasing me with a stick.

A train hit me this morning. That is how I feel, at least. Maya laughs at me because I rarely get sick, but when I do, I have no tolerance for it. A slight ailment, such as I am suffering from now, makes me feel like I am dying.

Even so, I worked with Ermen, a fellow who helps me with language and culture, all morning. In the afternoon, I had my regular lesson with our Altai teacher.

Maya just returned from the women’s group. She reports an average time with them. They are searching for a way to expand the group, and we are all pr to that end.

Meanwhile, David, Hannah and I had scheduled a riveting Pirate’s Night. However, to David’s great disappointment, I was too sick to be energetic. After a few failed attempts at adventure, he asked to watch Winnie the Pooh instead. He loves that “silly ol’ bear.”


1 Response to “Silly Ol’ Bear”

  1. 1 Alissa Maxwell November 18, 2005 at 4:04 am

    Glad to see you guys are out enjoying the sun while you have it. Looks like a fun family outing. I can’t believe all that snow! Our ski area opens this weekend, but no snow in town yet.

    I hope you feel better, Mike!

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