Strength in the mundane

As planned, we spent all day on Sunday with folks that we are trying to get to know. We loved the city tour in the morning with Alya, and we are very thankful for the relationship that is developing with her. Our neighbor, Baisura, spent the afternoon with us (her daughter is the same age as David, so it really works out well). In the evening, Elbek came over. Elbek will help me with the Altai language and, in return, I will give him pointers about English. He should drop by again this evening.

Yesterday, we enjoyed our best family day in a long while. I have some pictures of our morning adventures that I will try and post this evening. We made burritos for lunch and nachos for supper. It was a great time together, and we really needed it.

Finally, here is a quick thought that brought me encouragement this weekend and even this morning. A long time ago, a guy named Nehemiah declared, “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” I was meditating on that thought a few days ago. I really like the certainty of that statement. His joy is our strength. It does not merely help us to be strong. Our strength is and results from His joy. Even in the mundane; even in the storm, His joy is our strength.


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