Coffee Weather

The thermometer just outside the kitchen window reads -2C; just warm enough to keep the mud puddles soft. It is 3pm, but an eerie dusk-like light keeps us checking our watches. Large, wet snowflakes fall one moment, rain the next. Blotches of melting snow and pooling slush surround our apartment building, keeping everything inside wet and messy.

All of that means one thing for me: coffee. This is the best weather on earth, so long as one can be inside enjoying a hot cup of well-brewed coffee. It is coffee weather. I love it. It happens here more than any other place where I have lived (usually five days a week). Winter keeps hinting and warning; toying with us, I think. One day, it will arive. We need patience. Now, I'm blogging with Starbucks (actually, some tasty Finnish brand that they sell locally).

The meeting this morning went excellent. Thank you for pr for us in that. We are very thankful for their attitude towards our plans for work here. From start to finish, the atmosphere was pleasant and we were able to clearly share, and they met our ideas with enthusiasm. Many doors, perhaps, opened this morning.

We had such a busy week, and then a busy weekend, that we were looking forward to our day off: Monday, family day. Unfortunately, the long meeting occupied me the whole morning. After David & Hannah wake from their naps, we plan to have some quality family time, albeit indoors. With the added culture meetings, we face another busy week, so we are thankful for the time together with no phones, emails, guests, lessons, etc.

Okay, that is all. I have a post brewing about Augustine of Hippo, so if you like that sort of thing, check back later.


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