Lenin Style Hats

People sometimes say that I look like Lenin. I am not so sure, except maybe in this picture. That silly hat is what most folks here wear; I am just trying to fit in. The wet landscape in the background of the photo (taken this morning) is a result of the rain and warmer weather that reduced that “thick layer of white stuff” to a wet and muddy mess. As I write this, it is starting to snow again.

Today is my ‘language day’. As soon as I finish this post I tackle Russian, and after lunch, I have a class in Altai. We found a very talented Alai teacher, who is quite serious and demanding. Those are good traits in a language teacher. Along those same lines, Shawna, who serves the field as the culture and language consultant, arrives tomorrow to help us establish good leaning goals and habits, especially for understanding Altai culture. A busy weekend lies ahead!

Two very important events occur tonight. The first is that our fifth women’s group, which Maya helps to lead, meets at 5pm (GMT +6). We are hoping that new people will come tonight, so you can pr with us for that. The second important event is Pirate’s Night: my one night a week to sit with David and Hannah and cause a ruckus (Maya will be at the women’s group, so she will not mind). You can read my post last week about Pirate’s Night to get the full scoop.

We have a big hold-the-ropes type request to pass on. On Monday, Mark and I will share our community development plans for the upcoming year with a very influential person here. It is an important meeting with many potential ramifications. Please pr that we are able to communicate clearly and that, in the end, they will regard us favorably. Thank you!


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