Origen, and Mongolian Horses

I posted this just for fun. This is a Mongol felt burn. Since Mongolia is only 6 hrs south from here, I thought it could pass as relevant. Mongolians like horse milk more than milk from cows. Did you know that? 🙂

Today, we met and studied Acts and pr together. The fellowship encouraged us all. After lunch, we planned the next Coffee Club evening. Our theme will be friendship, and we expect a ton of people to come. After that meeting, Maya went visiting (to invite a girl to the Coffee Club) which left me a few hours of quiet study time while the children napped.

I am studying Ch history and worked through some of Origen’s sermons. All the bad things that folks write about poor old Origen are not completely warranted, at least in my opinion. Yes, he employed the silly allegorical method; however, he does not deserve to be credited as its inventor: the supposed Father of Allegory. In reality, allegory was the fad in those days, especially among the Alexandrians. Origen, in his genius, merely carried the bad practice to a new level of perfection and perhaps popularized it.

Most forget that he also contributed something to homiletics that most of us would say is quite helpful: expositional structure. Before Origen, (excluding the first generation ch) the sermon was a random discourse about general truths and moral inferences from the Word. He brought order to the house and structured a sermon around a biblical text with an interpretation (and his straight interpretations were usually good). That method influenced homiletics long after the allegorical treatment lost its popularity; and it remains widely practiced today.

Check back tomorrow for a post about my family (just in case the history lesson frightened you away).


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