Russian, Women’s Club, Pirate Night & More

(Even though this picture is almost completely unrelated to the theme, I thought my parents and people who like little babies would enjoy it. I took this picture of Hannah yesterday, three minutes after she woke up.)

This morning, after breakfast, I went with great enthusiasm to my office (about 30 minutes away, by bus). I hit the books this morning to start language study. Yippee (I am trying to convince myself that this is exciting stuff). While language study is admittedly a tad dreary, I see the value in maintaining Russian (and progressing!) because, if I do not, it will degrade quickly. Our leaders suggest that I find 10 hours a week to do that. It is very difficult to find that many free hours (not to mention the motivation). I have to keep it before me that this time is important preparation for the B study (where I will be the main teacher) which starts right after New Years.

There is an added twist in that, while I continue to study Russian, Maya and I are starting a new language, Altaic (the heart language of most Altai people, though most speak Russian as well). We have a teacher and I may have found a good language helper: a person named Ermen. I met him at the group for married couples.

Tonight, the fourth “Woman’s Club” meeting begins at 5pm (GMT+6). Please keep this in your pr-rs. The group has room to grow, so pr. that more would be interested. The focus is completely on relationship building at this point. We believe that after a relationship is established a B study will be much more valuable and interesting to them. I will try to get Maya to take some pictures that I can post tomorrow.

My privilege this evening (and I do count it a privilege) is to stay at home and hang out with David and Hannah while Maya plays a crucial role at the Women’s Club. David, Hannah and I will probably build a ‘fort’ out of blankets and dress up like pirates, watch Vegitales and eat instant food. I can hardly wait!


3 Responses to “Russian, Women’s Club, Pirate Night & More”

  1. 1 Phyllis October 28, 2005 at 12:01 pm

    Jaan said “Ляля спит” when he saw the picture, so I guess he could tell that she had just woken up. Cute picture! And very cute baby! She looks like Maya. 🙂

    How are you studying Russian now? What are you doing? I feel like my Russian is definitely slipping, as I enjoy the privilege of staying home with mostly non-verbal little people almost every day.

  2. 2 M&M October 28, 2005 at 12:40 pm

    For speech: I try to focus on my remaining patterns of error by reviewing grammar, as Maya, or someone else, points out something I often say incorrectly. I drill the correct forms and try to make a point of using them in conversations. I listen to the texts that I have in MP3 from my course and I try to reproduce them, in general, by memory to Maya at lunchtime.

    For vocabulary expansion, I read fairy tales and other not-too-difficult literature making careful note of new words and unfamiliar phrases. Children’s literature is great for that.

    For writing, I try and write as many Russian emails as I can (or as is necessary) during the week, and I bother Maya to check them for errors and point those out to me before I send them.

    Comprehension: Russian and Soviet movies are the best!!

  3. 3 Phyllis October 30, 2005 at 5:33 pm

    Thank you! I’m doing some of the same kinds of things as you are. . . just finished reading Конек-Горбунок, and I’m finding that I can handle some of Pushkin’s skazki.

    I also write almost all of our emails, but I don’t have anyone to correct them.

    It helps that Maya is a native speaker. Will’s Russian is better than mine, but still not perfect. Of course, I have lots of friends, but they’re all just as busy with their babies as I am with mine.

    Anyway, thanks! You’re encouraging me to keep working at it.

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