Family Day, Sort Of

We try to use Mondays as our family day. This is the only day when we avoid the phones, email, receiving guests and meetings, etc to enjoy exclusively family-oriented stuff. This morning, however, it did not work out. Our registration saga continues and I had to do some running around. We will take a half day this week, though both of us view that as less than the ideal.

This week, we have a full load of meetings and home groups. Two new items get added this week: tomorrow, our married couple’s group starts and on Saturday, the Altai language group begins. That should round out our schedules nicely.

Please pr. for all these groups and for the relationships that we are trying to establish and build!

It is rainy today and warm: crazy weather for late October in Siberia. This cannot last. I expect that winter will come suddenly and with fury.


1 Response to “Family Day, Sort Of”

  1. 1 Gordon Wilder October 27, 2005 at 8:20 pm

    Mike & Maya.
    I have been looking for a picture of David & Hannah to take to work ! Now I have that picture!! (-;
    Thankyou for doing this site

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