Setting Your Mind on Things Above

At the request of our dear friend Alissa – this entry will be about family. I'll just tell a funny story.

Not long ago, David (our three-year-old pictured here) and I talked about God. David asked very astute questions, such as; Where is God? Is he inside the closet too? Can he see me when I close my eyes? This went on for five minutes or so, and I immensely enjoyed explaining these things to him.

Then, abruptly, his three-year-old attention span kicked in, and he said, “I want some candy.”

I explained that he already brushed his teeth, and tried in vain to steer the conversation back. I sensed it wasn't working, and so I thought to teach him a different subject: economics.

“David, do you have money to buy candy with?” I asked. He said no, and then said that he could avail himself to my money. “I want Papa’s money!” were his words. I tried to explain the need to be frugal, and then I realized that this was way too much for him, so I went back to talking about God.

“You know, David, some things are more important than money?” I said.

“What is more important than money?” David asked.

“God is much more important.” I responded.

“Can you buy candy with God?” He asked.

“No, of course not; but you know what? God is better than money, and knowing him is better than being rich.” I taught on, waxing eloquent in a fatherly way.

He thought silently for a long while, and I thought that it was actually getting through.

He finally stated excitedly, “Then I want God’s money!”

Now, that is setting your mind on things above!

Today’s News

In the morning, Mark and I ran to all the medical offices to get the proper certificates we need to register. We still face plenty of work to that end. All our documents are in order, and we turn them all in Monday. This afternoon, I am going to take some time, buff up on the Russian language, and prepare myself for the students meeting later on.

Last night, Maya met with the woman’s club that our team started three weeks ago. They had a great time, and that group has lots of potential. Tonight will be our third meeting with the students. I am not sure how many will show up (the first night we had about 8). We are still in the initial stages of relationship building with them.

Our coworker, Tahirih, left for Mongolia today to renew her documents. She had some problems, but I think all is well now. I hope she can manage to get back into the country today or tomorrow. Plan ‘B’ is for Mark and I to leave on Sunday morning to Mongolia to sort things out down there. I am still counting on Plan ‘A’ to work. I hope that we can settle all of our registration problems by the end next week.


2 Responses to “Setting Your Mind on Things Above”

  1. 1 Alissa Maxwell October 21, 2005 at 10:41 pm

    Yea! I hope someday I will get a chance to meet David. He sounds like such a kick! What a fun age where he is old enough to ask questions and start processing the world on his own. =)

  2. 2 Phyllis October 22, 2005 at 12:55 am

    Privyet iz Kovrova! Alissa told me about your blog.–>

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