Group for Married Couples

Last night’s student club went wonderful, though still pretty small. We are going to get together this week and discuss how to get the word out better. I was the last to leave the club and barely caught the last bus down. The driver asked us all to get off early and walk the rest of the way (it was only about two stops). He would not even return our fare, but that is life. Thankfully, no one mugged me.

This morning, Mark, Ayuna, Maya and I met together to discuss the upcoming group for young married couples. The group starts next Tuesday (we already delayed it for two weeks to become better prepared – so it is time to start!). After a couple of hours of brainstorming, we nailed down a plan. We are really pr. for this group and we appreciate the importance (and difficulties) of reaching out to families.

Mark & Ayuna stayed for lunch and then headed home, and I grabbed a few minutes on the computer to read some blogs, update mine, and to study (David & Hannah are enjoying their afternoon snoozes). We were hoping to invite our neighbor for dinner, but she is having family problems (her husband is an alcoholic) and cannot come. We might just use the evening to plan the materials for next week.

Tahirih called and informed us that she made it back to this side of the border with newly issued documents. That is a big relief. She is still about six hours to the south but she was looking for some transportation north to try to return to the city today. If she does not find a ride, she will overnight in the village hotel. Very soon, our registration woes will be over, I hope.


1 Response to “Group for Married Couples”

  1. 1 Phyllis October 22, 2005 at 11:42 pm

    We’ll certainly pr for you as you start these groups. We’re working towards starting a youth club here, so that can be our reminder.

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